Poke Bowl Large Ball

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Create your own Pokemon experience.



5-Inch Diameter Pokeball with 8 Mini Pokémon Figures

Step into the world of Pokémon with our 5-Inch Diameter Pokeball with 8 Mini Pokémon Figures. This premium set brings the excitement of Pokémon training right to your home. The centerpiece is a 5-inch diameter Pokeball, made from responsibly sourced materials and proudly manufactured in America.

Inside the Pokeball, you’ll find eight detailed 1.5-inch mini Pokémon figures, ready for battle or display. Each figure is designed with attention to detail, capturing the unique characteristics of each Pokémon. The set also includes a stand, allowing you to showcase your Pokeball and Pokémon figures in all their glory. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon Trainer or just starting your journey, this set is a must-have for any Pokémon enthusiast.


  • 5-inch diameter Pokeball for lifelike play
  • Eight 1.5-inch mini Pokémon figures for display or battle
  • Includes a stand for showcasing your Pokeball and Pokémon
  • Made from responsibly sourced materials
  • Proudly manufactured in America





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