Barrel Stand

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Pirate Barrel Stand for Devil fruit. This stand doesn’t work too well for the Ope Ope Fruit but it works great for all other fruits



**One Piece Devil Fruit Display Stand (Pirate Barrel Edition)**

Set sail on your One Piece collection journey with our Pirate Barrel Edition Devil Fruit Display Stand. This high-quality stand is designed to resemble a barrel from a pirate ship, adding an authentic touch to your One Piece collection.

Crafted with precision, it features the rustic texture and color of a real barrel, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your display. Its sturdy design ensures that your prized Devil Fruit models are securely displayed.

Perfect for showcasing your collection or as a unique gift for a One Piece enthusiast. Note: This is a display stand and does not include any Devil Fruit models. The stand is designed to hold one Devil Fruit model at a time.


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