Flame Flame Light

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Prtgas D. Ace flame flame fruit clear resin with light base



Ignite your love for “One Piece” with our stunning Flame-Flame Fruit LED Lamp. This exquisite piece, inspired by the iconic Flame-Flame Fruit from the beloved anime, is crafted from high-quality clear resin that captures the essence of the fiery fruit in all its glory. The lamp sits on a light base, illuminating the clear resin and creating a mesmerizing flame effect that brings the power of the Flame-Flame Fruit to life. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of “One Piece” or a collector of unique anime memorabilia, this lamp is a must-have addition to your collection.


  • Inspired by the Flame-Flame Fruit from “One Piece”
  • Made from high-quality clear resin
  • light base creates a stunning flame effect
  • Perfect for fans of “One Piece” and collectors of anime memorabilia

Experience the power of the Flame-Flame Fruit with our “One Piece” LED Lamp. Made from clear resin with a light base for a mesmerizing flame effect. Perfect for “One Piece” fans and anime collectors.



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